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We focus on offering services in the product photography category as well as underwater photography and graphic design.

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  • Product Photography

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Innovative Heating Controller System

We are honored to do a lot of work for the most innovative underwater light company in the dive industry, Underwater Light Dude. They design and manufacture top-tier products geared towards divers on the outer fringes of technical ability and also appeal to those newly minted divers that want to know their investment in high-end dive equipment is well worth it.

Dual Video Light Heads

Underwater Lightdude offers high end underwater videographers a myriad of high-end,high-lumen lighting options with the quality the industry has come to expect...all this in a modular package.

Graphic Design

A few examples of our graphic design works, honed from over twenty years in the proverbial trenches.

Underwater Fashion photography

For those models looking for something unique for their portfolio, we offer underwater fashion photography. Contact us for further details.

Cave Diving

Another area we spend a lot of time on is photographing divers in various environments such as in underwater caves and shipwrecks. If interested in setting up your own shoot, contact us for details.


With the Great Lakes practically in our backyard and with what some consider some of the best wreck diving in the country, we spend a lot of time on the bottom of the lakes. For those interested in your own photoshoot, contact us for further details.


We engage in a number of different composite series. From our "Guardian Angels" to "Mermaids," contact us to discuss your project.

Custom Design Back Plates

In 2015 we launched a unique service of customizing divers backplates with one-of-a-kind designs. From what we understand, we are the first to offer such a service. These have proven very popular with divers and dive shops. With hundreds of dives already on the plates in various water conditions, not only are the plate designs stylish, they are also very robust. If you would like to discuss an idea on how to personalize your plate, contact us for further details.Below are a few examples of the plate designs we have done.


Various images we have shot that have been for various marketing program or just for fun.